Mughal Gallery Lahore Fort


Mughal Museum Gallery housed its antiquities in the sleeping chamber of Mughal Emperor Jahangir (Ruled 1605-1627 AD). This museum gallery was established in (1985-86) by the department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Pakistan. The objects displayed in central gallery are miniature painting of Mughal era, and a beautifully made Ivory Model of Taj Mehal is on display, this model of Taj was made in England in 1942 and remained on displayed for one hundred years in Albert Victoria Museum of London in 1950 it was given to Government of Pakistan as gift. ON the right chamber of this museum gallery are coins and royal order (Farman) in Persian writings the coins narrates the facts about the history of numismatics in India. The left chamber/gallery of this building housed the manuscripts in Persian and Arabic scripts, the books written by the Court historians are also on display by the Department of Archaeology, Government of the Punjab.


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